Eastman-Lerma-Security-FilmGlobal advanced material power, Eastman Chemical Company, recently contacted Lerma Film Crew seeking the most experienced security window film installers in the country. Eastman, known for their innovative, high quality products but also for their just and ethical business practices, needed 54 glass panels to be secured with their latest security window film technology. Lerma Film Crew is the country’s leading subcontracting security window film installer and expert in wet glaze attachment was honored to provide their services. Security window film can mitigate bomb blasts, forced entry, graffiti, and many more obstructions to the windows integrity. Lerma Film Crew’s top brass, Rick Lerma and Glenn Yocca, were invited to a private testing facility, installed the attachment and film system, and then tests were completed with weapons, baseball bats, crowbars and more.

This project is a testimony to both the innovation and exploration of Eastman and the continuing installation perfection of Lerma Film Crew. Thanks Eastman!! We look forward to more opportunities to help.